WElcome to Houck Chapter

Our Story

The chapter was named “Houck” after a trading post which was owned by an early trader named John Houck, Houck Chapter was certified in`1956. The Present chapter house was built in 1963.

Houck Chapter holds meetings monthly in order to keep the Houck chapter residents informed and have a forum in which to express their opinions to their Navajo Council delegates or decide on the matters concerning their chapter.

In 1929, leaders used a Hogan to meet. Later, because of the increase and more people wanting to attend the meetings, The Catholic Church basement was used until the Chapter house was built
This area was not made part of the Navajo reservation until 1934, although Navajos have lived in the area since the 17th century. Following the treaty of 1868, Navajo returned to live in their customary areas after Fort Sumner. “Servicing the Governmental Needs of the Houck Chapter Residents.”

Chapter Officials

President – Fred Footracer

Vice-President – Ernest Hubbell

Secretary/Treasurer – Virginia Barker

Council Delegate – Raymond Smith, Jr.

Grazing Official – Celicia Denny-Yazzie

Chapter Staff

Chapter Manager – Laura Lee Yazzie

Administrative Assistant– Curtis Berry

Office Assistant – Vanessa Flores